Top 9 Things To Know Before Selecting The WordPress Developer

In this modern and highly digital world, there is a trend among entrepreneurs, IT Professionals, tech-savvy people, and business firms to have their online presence with WordPress sites. WordPress has made it possible for them to create and operate professional looking websites only with a little investment.

A good number of people don’t want to get involved in website creation process. That is why they look for professional WordPress developers to get their WordPress created without any fuss. There are many WordPress developers in the market. All of them boast about the WordPress development skills, but their actual expertise is not up to the mark. This makes it difficult for people to find a suitable and talented WordPress developer. So, what are the essential things that you should keep in mind while looking for a good WordPress developer? Just consider some points detailed here below:

1. Knowledge Of Programing Languages And Experience

For developing simple WordPress sites and blogs, there is no need to learn different programming languages. Even a non-technical person can easily create WordPress sites with the help of plugins and themes.

When you tend to operate a operate a WordPress site professionally, you need to optimize your site with security, loading speed, website caching, etc. To perform all these activities, WordPress developers need to have a decent command over different programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS.

So, while looking for a WordPress developer, make sure that he/she has a sound knowledge of all these programming languages. Never forget to inquire about the developer’s experience in WordPress development services. This will help you to find a better candidate for the competition of your WordPress development projects.

2. Cost Vs Services Offered

Although, nothing concrete can be said with 100% certainty when it comes to the cost of hiring an experienced WordPress developer. Different WordPress developers charge different rates for their services.

So, you should give more importance to the project requirements at first and then evaluate the cost of hiring a WordPress developer. Look at the price tags and services offered by various WordPress developers and choose a developer that is offering a number of WordPress development services at the lowest possible price tag.

3. Problem Solving Skills

When you operate WordPress sites, from time-to-time, you face lots of problems, such as WordPress parse or syntax error, internal server error, error in a database connection, display of white screen of death, WordPress sidebar below content problem, connection timed out, problem with image uploading, locked out of the WordPress Admin Area, WordPress maintenance mode stuck, 404 Errors, missing Images, conflict between two plugins and themes or between a plugin and a theme or the vice versa.

So, while hiring a WordPress developer, you must check whether he/she is able to solve these WordPress problems or not.

4. Quick Turnaround Time

Just ask straightforward questions to the WordPress developers what will be his/her turnaround time. It is extremely important as many WordPress developers have several projects on WordPress site development and they tend to delay your project in some cases.

5. Check Beyond The Developer’s Portfolio

All professional WordPress developers have their work portfolios with real samples of the projects they have completed. Most of the WordPress talk big about their development skills and hide their real potential.

So, you should not believe the developer’s profile blindly and available testimonials. If possible, contact a person who has already availed the services offered by the developer and inquire about the service quality clearly. This will help you to choose the right candidate and discard the inferior ones.

6. Contact Directly

In place of providing your project to an unknown WordPress developer, it is always better to communicate directly with the prospective freelancer through Skype chat, Email, and phone call and gather more information about his/her real capabilities. If possible you should have a face-to-face meeting with him/her and discuss each and everything (related to your project) clearly and straightforwardly.

7. Experience besides WordPress

There are a number of things that WordPress developers must know about WordPress and online presence in general. Generally, the person must have the knowledge of all essential skills related to the WordPress website designing such as editing images with Fireworks and Photoshop, UX/UI- knowledge, conversion rate optimization, website hosting expertise, WordPress Core, Theme, Plugin, etc. A developer will all these virtues can provide you custom WordPress solution easily and quickly.

8. Monthly Maintenance Services and Backup

Good WordPress designers always offer the available service plan and updates if you need to add new functionalities and features to your services. There are many developers that only create your website, but they don’t provide any backup or support you may need while operating your site. You need to hire a WordPress developer that is ready to assist whenever you need assistance to run your site smoothly and keep it live.

9. Security Of Your Business Details

The WordPress developer you choose for your project must maintain the privacy of your important business details such as payment details, general security details, website credentials, communication between you and him/her, etc.

Final Words:

WordPress allows you to create a solid online presence easily with a little investment. If you are looking for a WordPress development company or freelance WordPress developer, you should keep the above factors in mind to pick the best WordPress developer/company in an easy way.

Author bio:

Brandon Graves is an expert WordPress developer working with HireWPGeeks. He has an excellent command on how to deal with different WordPress issues easily. He keeps writing on custom WordPress development services, plugins development services, etc.


Top 9 Things To Know Before Selecting The WordPress Developer

Top 5 Captcha Plugins For WordPress

Top 5 Captcha Plugins For WordPress


Tech-savvy people use different websites/blogs to get a number of products and services. When you initiate the website registration, subscribe Email Services, book tickets online, etc, you are asked to pass a test-CAPTCHA, before completing the tasks. Actually, CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart. It is also known as the type of Human Interaction Proof (HIP), which is simple and straightforward for humans, but impossible for bots to solve. Generally, most common CAPTCHA is an image of several distorted letters.

These days, the CAPTCHA is widely used by many individuals to improve the security of Internet based applications and prevent bots (automated programs) from damaging websites with automated entries or SPAM. They also prevent dictionary attacks (Attacks under which an automatically generated script or computer program tries random passwords on login forms to sign into websites/blogs unfairly). Approximately 200 million CAPTCHA are solved by humans around the world every day and this figure is likely to go up in years to come.

Most of the WordPress bloggers receive more than 100 spam comments per day. It is very difficult to handle all of them manually in case you are not among hardcore WordPress experts. Fortunately, there are many CAPTCHA plugins to control SPAM traffic to your site. If you want to add the CAPTCHA feature to your website, just consider the following options:


1. Captcha


This CAPTCHA plugin helps you to apply a super security captcha form into web forms and keep your website aloof from SPAM traffic easily and quickly. The plugin uses math logic for CAPTCHA, which is easily understood by humans. It has no complicated CAPTCHA that includes complicated combinations of letters, pictures, or hard-to-read words. This plugin asks visitors to complete just three simple actions- add, subtract, and multiply. Based on your specific business needs, you can use the captcha for comment forms, password recovery, login, and registration. The plugin supports a number of languages also.


2. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam


SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam is another good option you should try. This plugin can help you to add Secure Image CAPTCHA to your website easily and effortlessly. You can place the captcha on different sections of your site, such as comments, login, registration, lost password, etc. So, visitors will be asked to clear the CAPTCHA test to submit comments, to login and register for goods and services. This will protect your website from automated entries made by bots. The plugin is fully compatible with Akismet too. So, you can easily use both of them on your site and can combat the SPAM attack effortlessly.


3. Simple Google reCAPTCHA


Simple Google reCAPTCHA is relatively a new plugin, but it is very useful and beneficial. It’s lightweight and robust, putting only a little burden on your site’s server. With this plugin, you can protect your website against SPAM and brute-force attacks. It supports BuddyPress and WooCommerce & available in 3 different languages. You can place CAPTCHA on the Comment form, New password form, Registration form, Login form, and Reset password form and humiliate bots easily.


4. WordPress Captcha and Anti Spam Plugin by Captcha Bank


Captcha Bank is perhaps the most powerful Plugin with which you can safeguard your site from all types of spamming activities. It prevents professional online trollers, Spammers, and bots from flooding your site with SPAM. It has a bullet proof captcha validator which adds an additional layer of protection to your website.

The plugin has different text captcha. You can customize their text color, background, styling, etc, as per your needs. It also has simple Maths operations such as arithmetic, relational or arrange order. If you want, you can make Captcha Case-Sensitive, making it difficult for human spammers to get involved in spamming activities.

The plugin supports important WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Contact Form 7. Place Captcha on Login Form, Registration Form, Comment Form, Admin Comment form, or any other places on your site and make them safe from automatic submissions of queries.


5. Uber reCaptcha


Uber reCaptcha is a worthwhile option if you are looking for a lightweight and useful CAPTCHA plugin. Using this plugin, you can easily add reCaptcha protection to the WordPress login form, registration form, comment form, and recover password form. This will help you to eliminate spam comments or brute-force attacks easily against your WordPress site/blog and keep it safe. It also Supports audio or image captcha types in a number of predefined languages.


Final Words:

WordPress website security matters a lot for all those individuals who operate WordPress websites with business prospects in mind such as WordPress developers, entrepreneurs, individual businessmen, etc. A secured website can bring about lots of traffic and business opportunities for its owner. You can use the above-mentioned WordPress plugins add CAPTCHA to your site and combat the spamming activities and other types of security risks (to your site) effectively.



Top 5 Captcha Plugins For WordPress

5 Common PPC Pitfalls and Tips to Avoid Them



All individuals who operate the web-based business, want their sites to rank well on all leading search engine results. It helps them to get the desired traffic and create leads one after another. For this, they use different SEO tricks.

On a number of occasions, you don’t get the desired results despite optimizing your website with the latest SEO practices. This is where PPC comes into play and helps you sustain in a highly competitive web-based business.

The full form of PPC is pay per click. In simple terms, it is a costly internet marketing technique in which advisors place advertisements and pay fees whenever one of their advertisements is clicked. It’s a process of getting your keywords displayed on the first page of search engines and diverting a huge amount of traffic to your site for lead generation.

PPC, if implemented well, helps you to achieve the ultimate goals of your web-based business. If you make mistakes in PPC campaigns, you experience a huge financial setback and suffer great loss in terms of website traffic, generation of leads, and sales.

Have you also placed PPC ads? Not getting the desired results despite exerting your best efforts? If yes, then you must avoid making PPC mistakes. Just have a look at common PPC blunders and tips to avoid them-

1. Redirecting the audience to your site’s homepage


As PPC is a costly internet marketing technique, all advertisers want to get the maximum return on the investment they make. So, when a customer clicks a PPC ad, he/she is taken to the homepage of the website. The reason behind this move is that advertisers want to sell several useful items to the interested customers.

But there is no guarantee that customers that land on your website through PPC ads are interested in your offerings. They may go away from your site if your offer/product is worthless. If it happens several times with you, just be careful as it diminishes the outcome significantly.



Determine high performing keywords, phrases, and terms associated with your business. Place those terms carefully in PPC ads and try to redirect visitors to specific product pages for increasing the outcome of your conversion rate optimization.

In case, you redirect the audience to your site’s homepage, make sure that visitors easily find all key products/services on the front page. Just keep your site’s navigation path simple and hassle-free so that visitors can easily search the desired products/services.

2. Monotonous ad content


Monotonous Ad Content


In the web-based business, quality content helps entrepreneurs to fascinate the targeted audience and encourage them for buying their products and services time and again.

Because of a huge gap between demand and supply (of quality Content), most of the advertisers use lousy content to create PPC advertisements. As a result, you don’t get the desired business opportunities despite spending a lot of money on PPC advertisements.



Determine high volume keywords for your business. Create quality content to run PPC ad campaigns. Make sure that your content motivates the targeted audience to buy your products/service. Take the help of professional content writing agencies if you have the shortage of quality Content. Do split test before running the PPC ad.

3. Neglecting local factors


Importance of The Local Factors


All PPC advertisers aim for a lower CPC (cost per click) while running PPC advertisements. It is almost impossible to keep the ad cost under control if you ignore the local factors.

Let’s understand it as an example- Suppose you sell your keywords all over the world. But, your audience residing in Australia loves to deal with a local service provider rather than contacting you directly. If you ignore the huge importance of business localization here, you are bound to pay more only for little business opportunities.




Localize your PPC advertising campaigns and make sure that you have a local vendor in specific areas to address the needs of the targeted audience.

4. Not tracking fraud networks



Not tracking fraud Networks

All leading search engines (on which you place PPC advertisements) have networks to distribute your ads. Some networks are fraudulent, which send fake traffic to your website with high bounce rate. In this case, your CPC is increased up to a great extent and you get only a few chances for lead generation.



It doesn’t matter how affluent you are, even a single cent matters a lot in PPC advertising game. Make sure that your ads are distributed to the right network. This will reduce the CPC cost significantly and give you genuine visitors for conversation.

5. Poor handling of affiliates


Several companies use affiliates to garner more and more business. The problem here is that some affiliates don’t show any interest towards the success of your PPC campaigns. If this happens, you not only pay for CPC, but also to affiliates. All these increase the overall cost of your PPC campaigns and slash the profit margin.



It will be better for you to run PPC campaigns yourself. If you want to use affiliates for PPC advertisements, ask them to bring quality traffic for the generation of leads one after another.

Concluding remarks:


PPC is a costly way of promoting your products and services on the web and taking the web-based business to the next level. Just avoid the above-mentioned PPC pitfalls and gain success easily.

Author bio:


This article is contributed by Brandon Graves, a wordpress developer (convert html to wordpress) and digital marketing expert. Just follow him on Google plus to get his updates instantly.

5 Common PPC Pitfalls and Tips to Avoid Them

Top 10 Tools to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Top 10 Tools to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Internet marketers and website owners always talk about increasing site’s traffic by hook or by crook. If your website/blog fetches healthy traffic every day/week/month, you become able to generate sufficient leads easily and survive in the web-based business. All those individuals who fail on this front, they struggle a lot for their survival in the web-based business.

In order to optimize websites easily (with the help of plugins) and run it smoothly, these days a good number of individuals have started to convert their traditional HTML websites to the WordPress platform. So, do you run a WordPress site? Are you troubled with its low traffic and want to increase it quickly? If yes, then you can use WordPress plugins for this purpose. Have a look at some main options detailed here below:

1. All in One SEO Pack

Search engine optimization works like oxygen for all live websites. It helps them to get ranked prominently in the SERPs of different search engines. SEO executives optimize their sites with the latest SEO tricks to increase the visibility of websites on WWW.

But, frequent updates in Google Algorithm make the SEO a little tough for digital marketing professionals. So, is there any solution to this problem? Yes, there is. Try All in One SEO Pack. The plugin will help you to implement the different practices of SEO rightly and get the desired results within a short time span. It has lots of features. Just use them to polish your SEO efforts easily and boost the site’s ranking on the web. This will help you to get immense traffic to your site.

2. YITH Newsletter Popup

If you use Pop-ups smartly on your website, it leads to increased readership and contributes a lot to lead generation. So, do you also want to create and assign Pop-ups on your website? If yes, then use this plugin. It demonstrates a clean design popup where images, messages, and a newsletter form can be inserted. It also supports WooCommerce products. So, just choose one or more products and the plugin will automatically add the product information using an “Add to Cart” button within the popup. Therefore, it’s a highly advantageous plugin for Email marketing individuals and all those site owners who want to grab visitor’s attention easily and create leads in bulk.

3. Social Warfare

Digital marketing professionals emphasize on carefully planned social media optimization to boost SEO ranking of websites, increase visitor count, and generate leads. Due to the abundance of social media channels, it’s very difficult for anyone to perform SMO manually at all the times.

In order to automate your SMO activities and boost your site’s traffic dramatically, use Social warfare. It’s a lightweight and well-coded social sharing plugin, which allows you to share your site’s posts on all leading social media channels easily and quickly.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

All hardcore digital marketing professionals unanimously agree to the huge importance of XML sitemaps to websites. If you want to create a standard XML sitemap easily and add it to your WordPress site swiftly, then use this plugin.

Once you complete this action, Google and other prominent search engines can easily understand your website structure and add all of your important pages in their indexes. It helps search engine bots to visit and crawl your website regularly and give the SEO benefits your site deserves.

5. Related Posts for WordPress

Most of the people visit websites, read one or two content, and go away instantly without taking any action. Are you troubled with such hit and run visitors? If yes, then you must use this plugin. Upon installation, the plugin will automatically suggest the related posts to visitors based on their current entries. It helps you to boost the overall consumption of your content (in terms of readability, downloading, social sharing, commenting, etc, ) and enhance your site’s traffic.

6. W3 Total Cache

Website loading speed can make or mar your web-based business. Search engines and visitors love faster websites and hate slower ones. If your website is slow, people get disappointed while accessing it on their devices. Dissatisfied visitors not only abandon your site, but also dissuade others not to use it. So, how to solve this problem and increase traffic to your website?

Just use the W3 Total Cache plugin. It makes your website faster, increase its performance up to a great extent and make visitors pleased when they access your site. It displays results quickly to visitors by using a CDN.

7. SendPress Newsletters

Email marketing is performed by a large number of individuals to increase traffic to websites and accelerate the conversion rate. The manual process of Email marketing is very time consuming and monotonous. Are you looking for a plugin to automate your Email marketing efforts and multiply its outcome? If yes, then try this amazing plugin.

With the help of SendPress, you can easily create customer-centric newsletters and send it through your host or Gmail service. It also allows you to create your template, import content from your website, and schedule them to be dispatched to visitors as newsletters. While using this plugin, there is no need to use any external tool as you can easily dispatch newsletters right from your site’s dashboard.

8. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

A good number of SEO executives use Guest blogs to get their post published on high-authority websites and get traffic worth millions of $ back to their sites. This is possible only when the blog owners give you do-follow links to your live content.

There are many blog owners who publish your content with a nofollow link. If it happens, you are deprived of the huge benefits associated with do-follow links. To solve this problem, You can use this plugin. It automatically checks the status of links and notifies you about it. Based on the output, you can request the blogger to give do-follow links to your live content. This will help you to drive more traffic to your site and business opportunities both easily and quickly.

9. WP RSS Aggregator

The volume of traffic to your website largely depends on the availability of fresh and meaningful content. SEO optimized content is required to perform almost all digital marketing activities. So, there always remains a huge gap between the demand and supply of quality content. You can solve this problem easily by using the WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

Using this plugin, you can conveniently extract content from affiliate networks and add them to your WordPress sites. It will help you to increase traffic to your site and boost affiliate earnings quickly.

10. Comment Reply Email Notification

In order to increase traffic to websites and keep interested visitors loyal to your brand, prompt communication between you and your audience is necessary. But, in today’s modern world, several distractions of life make it impossible for individuals to hang around their websites/blogs 24*7 and reply the comment submitted by visitors. If you don’t communicate with them in a timely fashion, they may get annoyed and may not visit your site in the future.

You can use this plugin to solve this problem. It notifies you instantly via Email when someone comments on your posts. You can reply their comments and make them loyal to your brand forever. You will be able to witness a sharp boom in your site’s traffic in the long run.

Final Words:

In the web-based business, MORE TRAFFIC=MORE REVENUES. If you run a WordPress website, use the above-mentioned plugins to boost your site’s traffic dramatically and meet specific business objectives without any fuss.

Top 10 Tools to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion


Amid rapidly increasing demand for professionally designed, attractive, and appealing websites, passion for HTML websites seems to have faded away. All those people who are involved in the web-based business wants to earn the maximum with low investment. So, they tend to have fully-functional and awesome websites so that visitors can easily find the desired information and give more business opportunities as return visitors.

Creating a new website may not be a viable option for many individuals due to the restricted budget, limited resources/staff for website operation and maintenance, etc. So, what such individuals should do to bring their websites on the WordPress platform? They must resort to HTML To WordPress Theme Conversion without having any second thought in mind.

As a matter of fact, HTML to WordPress theme conversion is a process to convert HTML websites into WordPress sites. By doing so, you can easily revamp your site, give it a new look, add new functionalities and features as per your needs, and run it smoothly with less effort and investment.

Most of the web developers reel under the pressure of creating high-quality WordPress websites one after another. The chances of fatal errors get increased if you work under stress and fail to cope-up with increasing pressure from your clients? Do you want to increase your work efficiency while converts HTML websites to WordPress? If yes, then check out 3 important tools mentioned below:


1. HTML To WordPress Converter


HTML To WordPress Converter


It’s a premium WordPress plugin you can download from Codecanyon simply by paying $16 to the developer. It helps you to convert the HTML interface to WordPress easily. It can determine the compositions sidebar, menu, header, and footer, helping you to create a marvelous WordPress theme without any difficulty. When you convert HTML to WordPress using this plugin, you are supposed to put the tags around content in HTML files as per your specific needs. So, you need to have a sound command over HTML to use this plugin properly.


2. Theme Matcher


Theme Matcher


Theme Matcher is a boon for all those individuals who want to migrate their HTML sites to the WordPress platform without editing any code or seeking someone’s help. You just have to enter your site, choose the appropriate area, and you are done. It extracts images, styles, and layout from your existing website and creates the basic WordPress theme easily. Always keep in mind that it doesn’t help you to create site menus. So, you have to do the rest of the work yourself after taking your HTML website to the WordPress platform.


3. CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration


CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration

Every ardent digital marketing expert knows the huge importance of quality content. In fact, your survival in the web-based business depends on the quality content you publish on your website regularly to attract the targeted audience.

If your website has too many contents, its migration to a new platform becomes a problem. If you want to take all of your content (of HTML website) to WordPress easily and smoothly, just use this plugin. It helps you to main the SEO ranking of your website on all major search engines even after migration. The plugin also helps in Migration of keywords, metadata/meta description, and 301 redirects from existing HTML website to a new WordPress site.

Final Words:

These 3 tools make it easier for the WordPress developers to perform the HTML to WordPress theme conversion easily and create error-free WordPress sites one after another.



Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

Avoid These Mistakes While Converting PSD To WordPress

Key Mistakes While Converting PSD To WordPress

PSD to WordPress conversion is very popular among web developers around the world. Through this method, they convert PSD files into WordPress themes and create error-free and well-structured websites. However, to perform this action perfectly, one needs to have sound coding skills and sufficient knowledge of the technology. Mistakes made by web developers (during the conversion process) either due to lack of experience or negligence can ruin your website sooner or later. So, have a look at some key mistakes that you should avoid while implementing the PSD to WordPress conversion:

1. Inappropriate Site Navigation

Website navigation is a technique used by web developers while creating websites. It helps visitors on a website to move from one page to another easily and effortlessly. A good website navigation is essential for the success of websites. A poor navigation can confuse the visitors and they will abandon the site sooner or later.

Therefore, you should provide well structured, easy-to-use, and intuitive navigation for visitors. Just make sure that all your services and pages are clearly visible on your website and people don’t face any navigational issues while using your website.

2. Inaccurate Linking of Pages

Links are both internal and external. Digital marketing professionals link their sites or its pages with web content live on other websites. In the same way, internal linking helps you in many ways. It allows search engines to find more pages on your site and add them to their search indexes. Even visitors open those links and read some more useful content on particular topics.

Google, the world’s leading search engine, gives importance to pages linked using proper keywords. Improper linking of pages will have negative consequences of on your website. Google may consider your website unimportant for visitors if you are involved in this unlawful practice. So, link your pages appropriately to give a great boost to your SEO exercise.

3. Use Of Improper Image Size

Web developers use images in great numbers to add more beauty to websites and make them appealing to visitors. Make sure that you use the right image format and in a proper size. Ensure that images are neither too small or large. It is because too small images will not help visitors to find the details of the image. Too big images put extra load on your site’s server and make it slow.

4. AutoPlay Audio/Video Files

Many website owners like to decorate their website with multimedia content. It helps visitors to understand the text content easily and spent more time on the website. But, always keep in mind that audios and videos should not start playing automatically as soon as visitors land on your website. Locate those files in a section and allow visitors to listen/see audio and video files as per their desire.

5. Use of Inappropriate Typography

In order to impress the targeted audience, some website owners use fancy fonts. This can backfire you badly if visitors face problems read the content easily. They leave your site and look for its alternative. So, stop using weird fonts and resort to good fonts that help visitors to read the site content easily.

6. Error-Free Content


Create Error Free Content

Error-free content is essential for the success of your website. So, before uploading content on your website, you should read it at least two times and eliminate all possible errors as far possible. Write the content is easy and simple language. Keep the sentence structure as simple as you can so that visitor can easily understand your content.

7. Inappropriate Closing Of Tags

WordPress works on PHP coding language. One must always keep in mind that it incorporates the use of opening and closing tags. When you convert PSD files to WordPress, make sure that the PHP tags are closed appropriately. If not, then it can damage your design and your website in the long run. On several occasions, conversion doesn’t go as we expect. So, you must check whether the tags are closed properly or not.

8. Inaccurate Use of Inline CSS

When you convert PSD files to WordPress, you may come access inline CSS in case you are creating several similar pages. In this case, most of the web developers apply inline CSS everywhere to preserve its consistency. Don’t do this. You should create separate CSS file and link it with your PHP file. It will show the impact on multiple pages.

Final Words:

As an ardent entrepreneur, you should pay attention to your website design and structure as the bad design may cause a great loss in your website traffic and earnings. So, while converting PSD files to WordPress, you must avoid the above-mentioned mistakes necessarily.

Avoid These Mistakes While Converting PSD To WordPress

Guide to Quality Assurance of a WordPress Web Development

The demand of high-quality websites is increasing rapidly with each passing day. Web developers toil a lot for this. You must always keep in mind that there always remains a big difference between the WordPress web development projects accomplished by freelancers and established web developers.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used by millions of tech-savvy people. Compared to other Content Management systems, it is easier to create WordPress websites. Ideal websites are always created keeping important points in mind, such as relevancy, the usefulness of the content, good user experience, ease of use, etc. Nevertheless, there is no specific shortcut for creating killer websites. But, as a developer, you must follow the below-mentioned checklist while creating WordPress websites:

1. Implement Clean Coding

WordPress websites are built using PHP + MySQL stack. They generate HTML rendered by the browser with CSS style sheets and JavaScript snippets. Apart from this, code guidelines are also available for all of them. So, you must write clean code while creating WordPress websites or its pages.

In fact, a clean code can easily be read, modified, tested at any time. They also decrease the website maintenance cost up to a great extent. Websites built with clean code can perform very well on all parameters and fetch more business opportunities for its owner.

2. Work On SEO Essentials

It is often recommended that web developers must create WordPress sites in consultation with SEO professionals. In a web-business, your survival depends on the performance of websites you operate. If your website is SEO- friendly, then it is possible that it can appear in the SERP of all search engines and bring more business opportunities for you. In case, your site is not ready for SEO, then all your efforts to rule the World Wide Web will go in vain.

There are many SEO factors that you should keep in mind while creating websites or its pages, such as SEO friendly URLs, the availability of page title and meta description, integration of website to all leading social media channels, ALT tag on all images, the use of the schema data structure of the website, site’s responsiveness to different mobile devices, loading speed, etc.

3. Availability Of User-Friendly Content

SEO optimized and meaningful content is essential to get success on the web-based business. A website loaded with quality content is preferred by Google and other leading search engines when they have to display the most relevant results to users.

If your content is outdated, difficult to understand or has inaccurate information, then Google neglects your website considering it irrelevant for users. Inaccurate content makes visitors unhappy So, you must check the content twice before using them on your website and make sure that they are error-free. Track 404 pages on your website and eliminate them as soon as possible.

4. Different Sections Of Websites Are Working Properly

A website may have different sections, such as home page, about us, registration page, contact us, privacy, Terms of use, navigation menus, internal links, page redirection, search functionality, etc. All these must work properly to give visitors a pleasant browsing experience and expect their return in the future. So, once you complete the website development project, check all these factors necessarily.

5. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Tech-savvy people use different web browsers to access websites. Different browsers treat websites in different manners. So, it is possible that your website may not be working properly on a particular browser due to some technical errors. When it happens, you lose a good amount of traffic to your website and business opportunities as well.

So, when you create WordPress sites, test it on different web browsers. Just make sure that your website is accessible through all modern web-browsers.

6. Bug Tracking

When you create a WordPress website and hand it over to its owner, they are bound to encounter issues sooner or later. Most of the individuals feel the need of website debugging in the long run. So, you must implement the following and instruct the website owners to take some actions also to keep their site live and working 24*7.

See The Chart Given Below:

WordPress developer’s job


Website admin/owner’s job


The Use of quality themes and plugins Helps you to avoid unexpected collision between plugins and themes, plugin Vs plugin, prevention from malicious bugs Implement the necessary WordPress updates on time Elimination of security loopholes, new functionalities and features, more security to your website.
Website debugging Elimination, of unnecessary data on your site’s server. The use of a good quality hosting server Smooth performance of your website.


7. Support Forums

Every website owner sees ups and downs in his/her web-based business. Some of them are technically sound and can deal with website issues easily. Hence, there are a good number of WordPress site owners that are Non-coders and they are unable to deal with WordPress issues. Such people need to get in touch with website developers so that they can get their issues resolved ASAP. Therefore, you must provide contact options on the website.

Final Words:
Quality is essential for all wordpress website development. By following the above-written tips, you can create high-quality WordPress websites easily.




Guide to Quality Assurance of a WordPress Web Development