Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion


Amid rapidly increasing demand for professionally designed, attractive, and appealing websites, passion for HTML websites seems to have faded away. All those people who are involved in the web-based business wants to earn the maximum with low investment. So, they tend to have fully-functional and awesome websites so that visitors can easily find the desired information and give more business opportunities as return visitors.

Creating a new website may not be a viable option for many individuals due to the restricted budget, limited resources/staff for website operation and maintenance, etc. So, what such individuals should do to bring their websites on the WordPress platform? They must resort to HTML To WordPress Theme Conversion without having any second thought in mind.

As a matter of fact, HTML to WordPress theme conversion is a process to convert HTML websites into WordPress sites. By doing so, you can easily revamp your site, give it a new look, add new functionalities and features as per your needs, and run it smoothly with less effort and investment.

Most of the web developers reel under the pressure of creating high-quality WordPress websites one after another. The chances of fatal errors get increased if you work under stress and fail to cope-up with increasing pressure from your clients? Do you want to increase your work efficiency while converts HTML websites to WordPress? If yes, then check out 3 important tools mentioned below:


1. HTML To WordPress Converter


HTML To WordPress Converter


It’s a premium WordPress plugin you can download from Codecanyon simply by paying $16 to the developer. It helps you to convert the HTML interface to WordPress easily. It can determine the compositions sidebar, menu, header, and footer, helping you to create a marvelous WordPress theme without any difficulty. When you convert HTML to WordPress using this plugin, you are supposed to put the tags around content in HTML files as per your specific needs. So, you need to have a sound command over HTML to use this plugin properly.


2. Theme Matcher


Theme Matcher


Theme Matcher is a boon for all those individuals who want to migrate their HTML sites to the WordPress platform without editing any code or seeking someone’s help. You just have to enter your site, choose the appropriate area, and you are done. It extracts images, styles, and layout from your existing website and creates the basic WordPress theme easily. Always keep in mind that it doesn’t help you to create site menus. So, you have to do the rest of the work yourself after taking your HTML website to the WordPress platform.


3. CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration


CMS2CMS: Automated HTML To WordPress Content Migration

Every ardent digital marketing expert knows the huge importance of quality content. In fact, your survival in the web-based business depends on the quality content you publish on your website regularly to attract the targeted audience.

If your website has too many contents, its migration to a new platform becomes a problem. If you want to take all of your content (of HTML website) to WordPress easily and smoothly, just use this plugin. It helps you to main the SEO ranking of your website on all major search engines even after migration. The plugin also helps in Migration of keywords, metadata/meta description, and 301 redirects from existing HTML website to a new WordPress site.

Final Words:

These 3 tools make it easier for the WordPress developers to perform the HTML to WordPress theme conversion easily and create error-free WordPress sites one after another.



Top 3 Tools For HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

Top 5 Reasons to Consider HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

Top 5 Reasons to Consider HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion


Today’s tech-savvy people have become very smart. While browsing websites, they tend to use sites that help them to get the required information easily and find the desired products/services quickly. As a result, you may lose a lot of business opportunities if you are still running text-based static HTML websites. In today’s fast and highly digitized world, there is no need of spending lots of your precious time on the coding of creating static website designs. With the help of HTML to WordPress conversion, you can easily take your existing website to the WordPress platform. Just have a look at the key benefits of HTML to WordPress conversion, which is explained here below:

1. A boon for Non-Coders

To run a website successfully and accomplish the various tasks related to it, is not a child’s play. You need to have a sound knowledge of different programming languages and website building skills to operate and manage HTML websites. There are a good number of people who don’t have such knowledge. So, they compromise their dream of having professional websites and operating the web-based business.

HTML to WordPress conversion helps both coders and non-coders to operate and manage WordPress websites easily and effortlessly. WordPress offers numerous useful plugins, themes, and shortcodes. All these can be used to create, operate, customize, and handle WordPress sites easily.

2. Minimal Cost On Website Operation

Operating an HTML website is a costly affair. You have to hire a team of Professionals (such as SEO, SMO, Content creators, Business Managers, Internet security experts, etc,) to run your website professionally, update it regularly, make the required changes in it as per the user’s growing demand, and keep it safe from different types of online security vulnerabilities.

Apart from this, you have to spend a lot of money on website domain registration and its upgradation from time-to-time, hosting service provider, purchase of antivirus, software, firewall, security audit, etc. This can make a big hole in your pocket and can ruin your financial health if you don’t get sufficient ROI every day, week, month, or year.

But, when you take your website to WordPress, you can easily operate, manage and handle the site using different WordPress plugins, themes, shortcodes, etc. You can also seek help from the enormous WordPress community whenever you face problems to run your WordPress websites. Generally, You don’t have to spend money to get all these services.

3. SEO Friendliness


SEO Friendliness

The volume of business opportunities generated by you on the web-based business largely depends upon the quality of your SEO exercise. A well-optimized website can appear prominently in the search results of different search engines and provide traffic to website owners, which is necessary for the creation of leads and sales. The problem is that Google updates its search algorithm from time-to-time, which makes it difficult for SEO professionals to ensure the best ranking of their websites in Google’s SERP.

Fortunately, WordPress offers lots of SEO plugins. You can use them to optimize your website as per the Google’s SEO guidelines and help it to rank well on the web. This benefits you a lot and helps tremendously to create leads/sales in quick succession.

4. Scalability Features

It is one the best features, most of the website owners crave for when they feel the need of expanding their business on the web. To expand an HTML website, you have to do lots of coding. A single website will not sufficient to meet the rapidly growing demands of your huge customer base. Always keep in mind that a lot of investment is needed for the creation and operation of HTML websites.

Luckily, WordPress supports the multisite feature. You can easily create Multiple WordPress sites in one installation and run all of them successfully from one backend. Only a little money is required for all these and you get its tremendous benefits later on in terms of sales/leads and generation of revenues.

5. Plenty Of Customization Options


Plenty Of Customization Options

From time-to-time, you need to customize your website to give it a new look and attract a large number of customers. WordPress offers you a lot of customization options, using which you can revamp your site easily without paying any hefty amount to the website designer. You save some hard-earned money here and increase your web-based business substantially.

Concluding Remarks

HTML to WordPress theme conversion brings about several benefits for professional website owners. Just take your HTML website to the WordPress platform and enjoy its benefits.



Top 5 Reasons to Consider HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion