Top 10 Tools to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Top 10 Tools to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website

Internet marketers and website owners always talk about increasing site’s traffic by hook or by crook. If your website/blog fetches healthy traffic every day/week/month, you become able to generate sufficient leads easily and survive in the web-based business. All those individuals who fail on this front, they struggle a lot for their survival in the web-based business.

In order to optimize websites easily (with the help of plugins) and run it smoothly, these days a good number of individuals have started to convert their traditional HTML websites to the WordPress platform. So, do you run a WordPress site? Are you troubled with its low traffic and want to increase it quickly? If yes, then you can use WordPress plugins for this purpose. Have a look at some main options detailed here below:

1. All in One SEO Pack

Search engine optimization works like oxygen for all live websites. It helps them to get ranked prominently in the SERPs of different search engines. SEO executives optimize their sites with the latest SEO tricks to increase the visibility of websites on WWW.

But, frequent updates in Google Algorithm make the SEO a little tough for digital marketing professionals. So, is there any solution to this problem? Yes, there is. Try All in One SEO Pack. The plugin will help you to implement the different practices of SEO rightly and get the desired results within a short time span. It has lots of features. Just use them to polish your SEO efforts easily and boost the site’s ranking on the web. This will help you to get immense traffic to your site.

2. YITH Newsletter Popup

If you use Pop-ups smartly on your website, it leads to increased readership and contributes a lot to lead generation. So, do you also want to create and assign Pop-ups on your website? If yes, then use this plugin. It demonstrates a clean design popup where images, messages, and a newsletter form can be inserted. It also supports WooCommerce products. So, just choose one or more products and the plugin will automatically add the product information using an “Add to Cart” button within the popup. Therefore, it’s a highly advantageous plugin for Email marketing individuals and all those site owners who want to grab visitor’s attention easily and create leads in bulk.

3. Social Warfare

Digital marketing professionals emphasize on carefully planned social media optimization to boost SEO ranking of websites, increase visitor count, and generate leads. Due to the abundance of social media channels, it’s very difficult for anyone to perform SMO manually at all the times.

In order to automate your SMO activities and boost your site’s traffic dramatically, use Social warfare. It’s a lightweight and well-coded social sharing plugin, which allows you to share your site’s posts on all leading social media channels easily and quickly.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

All hardcore digital marketing professionals unanimously agree to the huge importance of XML sitemaps to websites. If you want to create a standard XML sitemap easily and add it to your WordPress site swiftly, then use this plugin.

Once you complete this action, Google and other prominent search engines can easily understand your website structure and add all of your important pages in their indexes. It helps search engine bots to visit and crawl your website regularly and give the SEO benefits your site deserves.

5. Related Posts for WordPress

Most of the people visit websites, read one or two content, and go away instantly without taking any action. Are you troubled with such hit and run visitors? If yes, then you must use this plugin. Upon installation, the plugin will automatically suggest the related posts to visitors based on their current entries. It helps you to boost the overall consumption of your content (in terms of readability, downloading, social sharing, commenting, etc, ) and enhance your site’s traffic.

6. W3 Total Cache

Website loading speed can make or mar your web-based business. Search engines and visitors love faster websites and hate slower ones. If your website is slow, people get disappointed while accessing it on their devices. Dissatisfied visitors not only abandon your site, but also dissuade others not to use it. So, how to solve this problem and increase traffic to your website?

Just use the W3 Total Cache plugin. It makes your website faster, increase its performance up to a great extent and make visitors pleased when they access your site. It displays results quickly to visitors by using a CDN.

7. SendPress Newsletters

Email marketing is performed by a large number of individuals to increase traffic to websites and accelerate the conversion rate. The manual process of Email marketing is very time consuming and monotonous. Are you looking for a plugin to automate your Email marketing efforts and multiply its outcome? If yes, then try this amazing plugin.

With the help of SendPress, you can easily create customer-centric newsletters and send it through your host or Gmail service. It also allows you to create your template, import content from your website, and schedule them to be dispatched to visitors as newsletters. While using this plugin, there is no need to use any external tool as you can easily dispatch newsletters right from your site’s dashboard.

8. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

A good number of SEO executives use Guest blogs to get their post published on high-authority websites and get traffic worth millions of $ back to their sites. This is possible only when the blog owners give you do-follow links to your live content.

There are many blog owners who publish your content with a nofollow link. If it happens, you are deprived of the huge benefits associated with do-follow links. To solve this problem, You can use this plugin. It automatically checks the status of links and notifies you about it. Based on the output, you can request the blogger to give do-follow links to your live content. This will help you to drive more traffic to your site and business opportunities both easily and quickly.

9. WP RSS Aggregator

The volume of traffic to your website largely depends on the availability of fresh and meaningful content. SEO optimized content is required to perform almost all digital marketing activities. So, there always remains a huge gap between the demand and supply of quality content. You can solve this problem easily by using the WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

Using this plugin, you can conveniently extract content from affiliate networks and add them to your WordPress sites. It will help you to increase traffic to your site and boost affiliate earnings quickly.

10. Comment Reply Email Notification

In order to increase traffic to websites and keep interested visitors loyal to your brand, prompt communication between you and your audience is necessary. But, in today’s modern world, several distractions of life make it impossible for individuals to hang around their websites/blogs 24*7 and reply the comment submitted by visitors. If you don’t communicate with them in a timely fashion, they may get annoyed and may not visit your site in the future.

You can use this plugin to solve this problem. It notifies you instantly via Email when someone comments on your posts. You can reply their comments and make them loyal to your brand forever. You will be able to witness a sharp boom in your site’s traffic in the long run.

Final Words:

In the web-based business, MORE TRAFFIC=MORE REVENUES. If you run a WordPress website, use the above-mentioned plugins to boost your site’s traffic dramatically and meet specific business objectives without any fuss.

Top 10 Tools to Increase Traffic on Your WordPress Website